IranFone Local Access Numbers around the World

Please find the closest city to your current location and use the number provided to access IranFone network.
All you need to do is to dial the access number, enter your pin* number followed by the destination you wish to call.
*You can use the Caller ID feature from your account page to avoid entering a pin number every time.

If the city you are living in is not listed here, please let us know
****Please do not use public/shared telephones or free online services such as Google Voice to call our access numbers***
This will cause your credit to be consumed by other customers due to association of a caller-id to multiple customers
Country Namesort iconAccess Numbers

Australia, Sydney 61-29-0372178


Canada, Toronto 1-416-8009236

New Zealand

New Zealand, Auckland 64-9-9734791
New Zealand, Wellington 64-4-8319500

United Arab Emirates

All Cities:
You may only use IranFone service through Webphone
Unfortunately we are unable to provide access numbers in UAE due to regulations.

United States of America

United States, Los Angeles 1-818-8042989

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